Cysylltu pobl â choetiroedd ac ardaloedd awyr agored.

Croeso i’n Coedwigoedd

Rydym yn gymuned yng Nghymoedd De Cymru Rhondda Fawr Uchaf, mae ein prosiect yn gwneud ein coetir yn fwy defnyddiol a pherthnasol i’n cymuned a’n rhanbarth.

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20 hours ago
Social Strollers round route today. Around Treorchy Comp, to Tylecoch, over the railway footbridge, up Cemetery Hill to the Forch Farm. Fab walk and great company. #outdoor #communitywalking #group W_2_R_Woods photo
1 day ago
Biomass is a carbon lean fuel producing a fraction of the emissions of fossil fuels. If wood-fuel is sourced from ‘local well-managed woodlands’, then carbon released from the wood during combustion will be removed from the atmosphere as local trees and seedlings photosynthesise.
2 days ago
Will Millard @MillardWill
Getting so sick of carrying other people’s rubbish off our banks every time I leave the house. This lot today is less than 5 MINUTES drive to the council dump. It’s absolutely Pathetic.